In ashtanga vinyasa yoga, we have many  jumps that we run to pass not only by a family of positions to another, but also from one side to another. Here I speak about basis vinyasa of sitting poses.

By Adho Mukha Svanasana, exhaling, bend the knees and lift heels, sacred bone below, press on stretched arms. Look forward and down, over my hands.

Inhale, Jump through, hip up, cross the tibias, keep legs close the chest. Point feet and put feet on the mat (for beginners). Legs are in between arms, Mula bandha is active (we are still in inspiration) and the shoulders will be beyond the wrists. Keep the shoulders pressing up, slowing walk feet through, bring legs stretched over arms. A good exercise is to try to keep your legs up in Lolasana.
At the end.… Dandasana 😀

A simple method is to try to make this jumping on the floor without a mat and socks so your feet can fade and overcome your arms.
Another method is to use blocks by placing them one by one beside hip. We put our hands on the block and try to jump forward. Stay in balance on our hands, with arms stretched and knees bent close to chest and stay in this position (Lolasana) as much as possible before sit down.
Now try a step a little bit difficult:
From Adho Mukha Svanasana, tail under, prepare shoulder. To jump forward bend knees and jump forward till putting feet on the ground in betweens hands. Now press up on the shoulder, lift up feet and stay here in Lolasana, then slain them through and go down in Dandasana.
If you can do that, newt step advance:
From Adho Mukha Svanasana, press up the shoulders, then hip up and bend Knees. Jump in between the arms and slowing all the way through.


From Dandasana, bend knees, cross chins, point toes and keep legs close to the body. Keep this position as long you can to have core strong. The put feet on the ground, hands press down, walk back with feet and stand back into chaturanga Dandasana.
Now try a little bit difficult:
Bend knees close to the chest, press hand on the mat, hip off the ground, move feed back on the flour. Now, bend elbow and move chest close to the ground, hip up and jump back to Chaturanga Dandasana.
If you can do that, next step advance:
Cross the feet with knee close to the chest, hands forward the hip, squeeze abdominal muscle in, keep Lolasana, bend elbows squeeze in, and then Chaturanga Dandasana.

Write me down for more info 😀