Vinyasa 7 Sapta

Inhale, from Adho Mukha Svanasana jump forward, I’m stretching my legs forward in Dandasana. Bring the heels as close to the groin as possible, bending the knees. Feet united and with plants touching each other. Open your feet outside, with your hands, as if they were an open book. The back is straight and the look on the nose.

Vinyasa 8 ashtàu

Exhale, bend the torso forward bringing the chest over the feet and rest the chin on the mat (if possible). The heels can be moved away from each other when bending the torso forward.
Stay 5 breaths in Baddha Konasana A.

Vinyasa 9 nava

Inhale, lift your torso up.

Vinyasa 10 Dasha

Exhale, bring the top of the head above the feet making a curve with the column.
Stay 5 breaths in Baddha Konasana B

Vinyasa 11 Ekadasha

Inhale come up
Exhale release the position

Vinyasa 12 Dvadasha

InhaleI lift the body.

Vinyasa 13 Trayòdasha

Exhale, Chaturanga Dandasana

Vinyasa 14 Chadùrdasha

Inhale Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Vinyasa 15 Pànchadasha

Exhale Adho Mukha Svanasana



How open the feet like a book: put the thumbs under the toes and open the feet as if we wanted to open a book.
The thighs rotate medially as in Janu Shirsasana A.
To lower the knees towards the mat, activate the abductors (small and medium Gluteus, Tensor of the fascia lata).
The femur must rotate medially to perform the same action as the tibia which will protect the knee joint. Then the tibia will rotate forward until its edge touches the mat.
Remember that the adductor muscles must be relaxed once the knee is bent in a half lotus position, in Janu Shirsasana and Baddha Konasana, loti. Keep the adductes relaxed to protect the knees, not to block the hip joint so you can freely go down with your torso.
To hold the column upright: anteroverso basin, stretch the column up while the ischi push down. The shoulders are away from the ears.
For forward bending: activate the lower abdominals, bring the chest forward and up, bring back the shoulder blades. The ischi push down. The elbows push on the thighs. Some put elbows near the bust, others brought them outside near the tibia.
If you notice that, while bending forward, the buttocks are raised, push the heels against the abdominals because this helps to keep the ischi on the mat.
The gracilis is a muscle that can easily be torn in this position.


benefit for  hemorrhoids by improving circulation, as stated by Vamana Rishi.
strengthen muscles of the spine.
Relax and stretch the muscles of the thighs.
Relieves fatigue accumulated in the thighs after practicing standing positions and previous sessions Baddha konasana
Increases the flexibility of the joints like ankles, knees, pelvis.
Baddha Konasana A loosens the pelvic floor muscles for which it is indicated during pregnancy.
Stimulates Muladhara and Svadhistana chakra

Problems in the joints and strains at Gracile and Adductors.