Ashtanga Yoga and Gong

Ashtanga Yoga and Gong

The Gong go back  about 6000 years ago from the first Bronze Age shamans in their ceremonies.

Native to Mesopotamia, it was used by shamans and monks as a sacred instrument in the initiation for enlightenment and meditation.

Later it was used as a musical instrument.


Everyone who receives the Harmonic Bath with the Gong has different sensations. In a general way, a sound is generated whose vibration arrives in depth: in the joins, in the organs, in our subconscious, moving the deepest feelings, pathologies, emotions, memories giving us well-being. It feels, at the end of the treatment, how light, emptied.

To have a therapeutic effect, the Gong must be played by the Gong Master (Miko Michele Folco and Annalaura Siercovich came to my school during the Mysore practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) who is an expert therapist who knows how to make the Gong vibration  aim to stimulate all the 72000 Nadi and the major and minor Chakras that there are in our body by stimulating both the Nervous System causing the production of hormones and the Immune System giving people wellness, peace.

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