BENEFICT of  Ardha Baddha Paschimottanasana

  • opening the hips and increasing the extra rotation capacity of the femur.
  • lenghthening of quadriceps and iliac muscle.
  • lumbar and ischiatic zone more elastic and tonic
  • improves the standing position Ardha baddha padmottanasana because, since there is no other component of the balance that stiffens the lumbar and ischemic part preventing better joint hip agility, it ensures a greater elongation of the muscular muscles.
  • Stimulates internal organs especially spleen and liver.
  • It acts on the “sapta Dathus”, the seven pillars of life.


tearing or sprain of the muscles of the lumbar region or of the femoral adductors,
in case of knee illness, exercise with caution, supporting the knee as explained above

Vinyasa 7

jump through ti sitting in Dandasana. Bend right knee up and knee close to buttock.. Then abduct  the right thigh until it touches the floor (if doesn’t put a block  under the knee). Draw the heel in toward the navel and after that move the right foot across to the left groin. Reach your right arm around your back ti bind the right big toe.

Vinyasa 8 Exhale fold forward

Vinyasa 9  Inhale lift chest and exhale release the asana and place the hand on the floor

Vinyasa 10 inhale lift up

Vinyasa 11 Exale chaturanga dandasana

Vinyasa 12 inhale upward dog

Vinyasa 13 exhale downward dog

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